Key Features

Integrating all your paper management needs.


Accessed via the internet. Paperman can be used anytime, anywhere you need it.


Have multiple users including suppliers and collaborators accessing the same system simultaneously.


Complete PapiNet transaction integration for electronic data transfers.


Real time performance dashboard keeping you up to date with your paper business.


Integrate Paperman with other in-house systems to further reduce the amount of data entry needed.


Ready made PEFC and FSC audit trail and reporting.

PM Purchasing.

The purchasing solution has been created specifically to deal with the unique nature of the paper supply chain. Its design makes ordering paper efficient and simple saving you time to focus on your business.

  • Detailed supplier and paper records.
  • Raise purchase orders quickly including repeat order function.
  • Raise Paper reservations.
  • Multi-Currency purchase orders.
  • Complete Purchase Order Management.
  • Overdue delivery alerts.
  • Specialist purchasing dashboard.
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  • PM Purchasing.
  • PM Stock

    How much stock do you own, where is it and how much is it worth? Paperman stock management helps you answer all these questions and much more.

    • Real-time stock valuations by location.
    • Aged stock reporting.
    • Stock movement audit trail.
    • Detailed Financial and Management reporting.
    • Specialist Stock Management dashboard.
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  • PM Stock
  • PM Publishing

    How do you configure your titles and then forecast how much paper you will need? PM Publishing does this all for you helping you maximise your efficiency and save money.

    • Model future titles
    • Plan future print runs and forecast paper usage.
    • Choose optimum print layout to reduce paper waste.
    • Detailed paper waste breakdown.
    • Print run cost reporting.
    • Specialist publishing dashboard.
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  • PM Publishing
  • PM Supply

    PM Supply gives you all the tools you need to supply your customers with paper and additional management services.

    • B2B Paper Supply.
    • Common Stock Supply.
    • Invoice on Usage or Delivery.
    • Invoice on FIFO and List price.
    • Consolidated Invoicing.
    • Sales Analysis reporting.
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  • PM Supply
  • PM PapiNet

    PapiNet is the recognised standard for electronic data transactions within the Paper supply chain. Paperman papiNet is the cost effective way to get all the benefits of papiNet no matter the size of your business.

    • All papiNet messages available.
    • Secure EDI transactions.
    • Improved data accuracy.
    • Reduced transactional costs.
    • Reduced manual data entry.
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  • PM PapiNet
  • Paperman Suite

    Using all of the Paperman solutions, the Paperman suite provides a comprehensive, fully integrated answer to managing your paper and having complete control.

    • Reduce paper waste.
    • PapiNet transactions.
    • Extensive financial and management reporting.
    • Interface with other in house systems.
    • Year on Year savings.
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  • Paperman Suite
    • Paperman has saved us considerable amounts of time and money

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